I Watched The Avengers: Infinity War Trailer How Many Times?

If you’ve been a follower of this site for a while, or know me at all you would know I’m a big Marvel fan. Like huge to be totally honest with you.

Now, I’ve tried to avoid the usual fan talk of what’s going to happen in Infinity War, the latest adventure of the Avengers as they try to protect Earth from destruction by Thanos, but sometimes these things are difficult to miss. That is though Marvel began teasing out the new trailer with some random posts, teases, hints and then just outright sayign “New Trailer Tomorrow” I almost wet myself.

On the day, I think I managed to watch the trailer a good 20 times, maybe more but I doubt any less. I just love it and it’s not even the full film yet, or even spoiled anything for me.

Emotional music runs through this trailer, delivering that well-known Avengers theme we’ve grown to love but in a much more dramatic way, as in not everyone’s going to make it out alive.

We also get to see all our favourite characters (minus Hawkeye) as they all come together in their various ways and groupings trying to put an end to Thanos’ is plan, also from the looks of it the big epic fight sequence is on Wakanda to protect Vision who as we know holds tightly onto the Mind stone at this point.

Throughout the trailer we get plenty of action scenes and showdowns, also seeing Spidey’s cool Iron Spider suit and more of Iron Man’s fancy space suit. We get plenty more Doctor Stranger, some Guardians footage and what looks to be the greatest sequence ever with Star Lord knocking back Iron Man’s master plan and Spidey looking amazed at who he’s stood with from what it seems.

Captain America followed by his crew (or protection squad for Vision) arrive on Wakanda greated by Black Panther and we see plenty of fighting going on, including the Hulk Buster, which I’m guessing we must be seeing Bruce Banner involved in that somehow.

The most gut wrenching clips though where the big hero three as we witness Thor’s tiny head being grasped (and crushed) by Thanos, Tony on the ground before Thanos in a half ruined suit, plut Cap holding off Thanos grasping two fingers of the Infinity Gauntlet in a moment I sat watching the trailer saying “please don’t do it.” (I’m a big Cap fan!)

Like I said, I’ve watched the trailer a good number of, heck, I have no idea how many times now but if you haven’t you need to see it ready for Avengers: Infinity War.

(I’m even counting down to the release, 39 days left for the UK! Just have patience!)


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