A Perfect Teen Movie With Love, Simon (Review)

Despite not being the demographic, when it comes to teen stories with a bit of heart, drama and romance, I fall straight into it and Love, Simon is no exception as the ferris wheel spins round for yet another story I fall in love with, of course with some fantastic . music at the same time.

Love, Simon is a typical teen story about young love and the struggle with high-school and coming into the world as an almost-adult. Those coming of age stories, where we sit back and go, wow was the world easier back then despite these teens passing it off as extremely difficult.

Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) is your typical American teen, he’s got his close nit group of friends, a loving family and everything’s looking pretty good in his life, however he’s struggling with one thing, he’s gay and doesn’t know how to tell anyone. The film uses this element and theme as it’s stand point, not making it about the struggle of being gay or the struggle with sexuality, it plays into all that quite well, but more so the coming out in a coming of age story. He’s scared an fearful of what people will think, seeing a fellow teen being an out gay and watching him be taunted everyday of the week.

With this being one point in the film, we have Simon stumble across the trails of the internet on a post of another fellow high-school teen going through the same as Simon, he’s gay, doesn’t know how to come out and is just struggling with the whole situation. As a post through an online blog, Simon connects with ‘Blue’ as the pair email back and fourth. Despite not seeing each other, the relationship builds in an interesting way, Simon sneaking off and constantly checking his phone brings back the feelings we’ve all had of talking to someone we love, those butterflies we’d get and excitement to next talk again.

Love, Simon doesn’t just focus on this side of things but also his relationship with his friends, each of who are going through their own mixed emotions and teenage hormones to try and find love and just fit in. It’s something we’ve all gone through and can all connect to in a modern day era sort of way. However, things unravel in the movie as one kid gets his hands on Simon and Blue’s emails and threatens to leak them (as you can see in the trailer) blackmailing him to help out with his love life.

It all feels like a John Hughes film, an 80’s throwback and just a feel good movie with plenty of emotions and heart at the same time. It’s quite the rollercoaster, seeing Simon at his height with his friends, unraveling the mystery of who Blue may be as we are intrigued ourself through characters he talks to, but also it comes crashing down seeing moments you really feel for these characters and almost, in a way, don’t know who to side with at points.

Like I’ve mentioned a few times, it’s the heart and emotion that rockets this film, overpassing the sadness around the likes of The Fault In Our Stars, and it does this through a few scenes, which will have you in tears by the end. As from the trailer you’ll have probably seen, we witness Simon’s emotions pulled as the one thing he got to have, coming out, is whisked away from him and you feel the struggle and reality of his world come crashing down, also tied with emotional intrigue through a scene he shares with his family coming out as well and it all falls into what could be one of the best teen films of our time.

In a world where we’re finally becoming more acceptable of LGBT community, this film really goes for other elements about what it would be like to come out, also having a comedic moment of ‘why does it have to be gays who have to come out and why isn’t it straight people?’ which makes you think, why does anyone have to come out and why isn’t it all just natural, acceptable and understandable straight away. It’s again another element of the film which makes it a different tier, a different movie and something well worth seeing.

One last thing I’d like to mention is the music and how damn well this fits into Love, Simon. The songs they play are fantastic, some incorporated into the film itself. It truly gives it that 80’s feeling featuring a playlist you’ll have on for ages, heavily focused on that feel good track of the Bleachers and it makes it all play out like an emotional scene from One Tree Hill, it’s that good.

So, like I said, not a film based on my demographic, not a film directed at everyone, but I guarantee it’s a film we can all connect with on some emotional level. It’s a film everyone should get out and see and once done, feel those emotions again through the soundtrack.


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