My Weekend Of Just Enjoying Bad Films

This is something a little different, because, well I just want to do different things on this blog.

I like posting my thoughts on films on this blog and I manage to see a lot of films, usually two cinema releases a week, but this weekend I didn’t want to review either. Reason being, they weren’t great.

Friday night I saw Dwayne Johnson’s new action Rampage, followed by Saturday night venturing into some horror with Truth Or Dare.

So, some perspective first. I went in thinking, no scratch that, knowing these films weren’t going to be great. I had hopes of enjoyment but thought, I won’t come out screaming of joy over them. Probably stroll out with a shoulder shrug thinking yeah, I watched that and just letting my mind drift off elsewhere. That did happen, I was completely right.

Some thoughts on the films, they’re fine, nothing amazing but both have things that should be talked about because, wow some stuff in these flicks. Clearly some people want to crank out a film here and there.

Rampage is a straight action mind meld where you can’t think about anything for almost 2-hours, in fact just don’t. Basic premise of the movie, some high up corporation has made a genetic enhancer which will turn animals into huge hulking rage angered machines which are near indestructible, because you can’t make this stuff up.

Film numero 2 was a sort of, but not that scary, horror movie which basically says what it is, Truth Or Dare. It was a weird, shoulda came out in the 90’s sort of deal as it felt like a Final Destination, supernatural styled film where a group of friends have to answer a Truth Or Dare by a ghostly spirit or end up being killed in some means.

Both these films are there just for sheer enjoyment, I mean sure Rampage is going to make a boat ton of money because, we’ll Dwayne Johnson of course. Both are as stupid as each other as Rampage sees a giant gorilla called George and DJ’s army dude go animal carer face down a giant wolf with wings and a crocodile with horns in the final act of the film.

Literally there is a moment The Rock shouts George to run as he fires at both creatures as if he can hold them off for some time, really? Truth Or Dare has equal moments such as the creepy smile face people pull when giving a truth or dare and the usual nobody understands or cares what’s going on till half the people are killed off, also they try to put way too much plot into the film.

My thoughts on both, but honestly I weirdly enjoyed switching off both nights and going in expecting little enjoyment actually equals to more enjoyment, sometimes.


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