My Vague Love Of Wolf Alice’s Blush

Have you ever traveled through your most played songs on whatever music site you use?

Recently I did and came across something I’ve not not listened to for quite some time. The song was a band called Wolf Alice and the song was the amazing Blush.

The reason I love this song so much isn’t because of any reasoning behind the lyrics or any secret meaning behind the track. No, instead what gets me hitting the repeat button every time is the melody behind it, the soft vocals of lead Ellie transition you elsewhere for the entirety of the song itself and it forms something magical around you.

Often when writing dramatic and emoting like scenes, I’ll put Blush on in the background, click that repeat button and let it influence my writi and scribbles. It’s always allowed me to dilute character interests and what they’re going through.

To be honest, Blush by Wolf Alice is possibly one of my favourite songs and that’ll be why it’s constantly on repeat and in my most played songs.

I’ve amazingly been kind of vague as to why I love this track so much, but it’s weird, I just really love this song!


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