My Go To Album “Camp”

As you’ve probably gathered by now, I’m a big fan of Childish Gambino.

He’s a rebel to the music industry and the rap game and does whatever he wants, talking about whatever he wants, I mean just check out This Is America….

From way back in the day I came across Gambino, probably around the time of discovering Community the series where Donald Glover cracked jokes consistently.

From there I went through his back catalogue from the earliest days of Sick Boi, through to Culedsac and at the time Freaks and Geeks came out so I went straight on to that.

Not long after, he delivered his debut album, to this day one of my favourite albums, Camp.

Why do I like Camp? Well, it’s hard and powerful, moving at the same time and has a lot to say and shout out all at once. It rarely takes a moment to slow down, when it does you get a rapper of Gambino transform into a more melody of songs with Les and Letters Home.

Through songs like All The Shine and That Power, he breaks the rap moments for talking, letting the audience know whats happening, whats going on transforms the story styled song into a stronger story of emotion.

Stand out tracks for me has to be Bonfire, Sunrise and That Power, I mean that final track and the way the song goes into talk as he tells us a story of how he was betrayed, and the entire story of the bus ride and how he felt.

It moves me, and to be honest I can put that track on for That Power and be inspired to write.

That final line gives you chills for the whole album, “I never got off the bus, I’m still on haven’t.” To here that after the moving song of That Power makes you sit in silence for a moment and just think.

If you’ve not heard the album, never even heard of Childish Gambino then I’d give it a listen, take the time to just go through this album and the motions and see what you think.


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