What Is Banana Pancakes?

So, you may have noticed I have a second blog called The Unfinished Scripts. Here I write various short stories about everything and anything.

This year I’ve taken on a new challenge, to write a chapter a week of a story. The story is Banana Pancakes and yes, each week I’ve been writing a new chapter in that very story.

So, what’s it about? It revolves around Troy, a young writer living in New York who has recently just broken up with his long-time girlfriend. Now, the story isn’t linear, nor does it pick up on the day of the breakup itself. I wanted to create something that went back and fourth prematurely showing the relationship to show the unraveling of it all and what the character has in the future.

Through this, Troy due to being depressed and feeling alone has picked up a drinking problem due to his complications, taking life out in bars to get over his breakup. We deal with this issue but then jump to the good times as he remembers being with the woman he loved, constantly tortured over the two of them breaking up, however the reason for that won’t be revealed for some time yet.

Everything’s a mystery and thats what I love about writing this story. I’ve planned out chapter titles for every week including a brief idea of how the stories going to play out, but sometimes even I don’t know what’s coming up next and it’s exciting.

I’ve even started writing episodes in the future of Troy’s story to mix things up and hit a refresh on what’s going on, for example I recently wrote a chapter on him having a one night stand over someone else he broke up with, that person he’s with at that time in the present of the story so it keeps people guessing and trying to figure out what’s happening next.

If you’re interested in checking out the story, then have a look at the beginning Conversation Through A Wall and follow from there. I hope you enjoy.


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