The Universe Has A Plan

Often I take these words into account for any actions that I do and I think, the universe planned for that to happen.

What I mean is, the universe has a plan for everything. Everything we do has a transitional reaction. Everything happens for a reason, it doesn’t matter what complication has happened before.

I dwell on this a lot, usually when I’ve made a mistake, you’re worrying about what you’ve done and the repercussions, until something else happens, leading to another thing and like a domino effect it may lead to something good. It’s all meant to happen.

We can’t change our destiny, we can’t break the foundations of what will and won’t happen, it just will. I’m not trying to say we’re defined to follow the same path and have no choices, we do, we have plenty of choices. It’s just those choices will lead to a path, a path rolled out by the universe leading to other opportunities.

Have you ever thought when you’ve missed the bus or the train how your life might have been different. You missed it by all of 45 seconds, however that put your path that day on a different course.

The universe has a plan for all of us and we’re taking it one step at a time.

When everything doesn’t go as planned for you, don’t worry and just remember, the universe has a bigger plan for you which is much better.


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