There’s A List Of Games I’m Looking Forward To This Year!

In retrospect, I’m a big gamer, often being driven by story based games with good characters and interesting dynamics.

Right now I’m playing God of War, the fourth title in the series for PS4, however with my partner I’m also playing The Last Of Us (again on PS4, we often have a game we’re playing separate and another one together.) now I’ve played The Last Of Us a few times and it’s a god damn great game, plus so far God of War is brilliant.

That said, there’s a list of games I’m looking forward to for release this year so I thought, with E3 looking closer and closer, I’d give a few a mention.


Coming for PS4, this game looks god damn good. Web swinging in New York, zipping from building to building, it all looks beautiful.

I’m a massive comic book hero fan, especially growing up with all sorts of Spider-Man works but for a video game that looks this good and a company that knows how to develop good stories, I can’t wait!

Red Dead Redemption

I’ve put a load of hours into Grand Theft Auto V, so the latest from Rockstar is clear that I’ll be straight into this. GTAV was such a massive world, great story and perfect online play which is still quality now. I enjoyed the first Red Dead and seeing the quality game work so far it looks brilliant.

Kingdom Hearts 3

We’ve waited for this game for a while. More recently I’ve been playing the 2.8 edition with both 1 and 2 games included. Now, it’s difficult replaying these, mainly because the graphics, I like good graphics these days and am a bit of a graphics snob (not to say graphics is everything though.)

Seeing what we have so far, it’s looking like another great edition in this series, that is if we finally get it!

The Last Of Us II

Well, The Last Of Us is my top game of all time. I tell EVERYONE to give it a play. The story and relationship between Joel and Ellie is so good and emotional throughout you just have to replay it again once you’ve finished it.

We’ve seen a teaser trailer with pretty much no context to who anyone is (but could be a grown up Ellie) so I am dying to get my hands on this game.

The Walking Dead: Final Season

Clementine is back for the fourth and final season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead. The original game I only just played last year but since then I played all the Walking Dead titles back to back, then played them again.

These games got me into Telltale and what they have to offer and I can’t wait to finish this emotion driven story we’ve come to love.

Spyro Trilogy

Just like Crash came back last year, Spyro is doing just the same later this year with all three original PS1 games being remade and thrown together. I loved his game growing up so am already on countdown for this to return!

So there all the games I’m most looking forward to this year, that is unless E3 has any surprises for an end of the year release (a new Elder Scrolls Maybe?) We’ll see.

(Hopefully none of these games are broken when they come out!)

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