Troy & Abed In The Morning (Community)

Many of you will glance across the title of this post and think what in God’s heavenly Earth is this.


It was a TV show which ran for six seasons about a group of adults in a study group in a Community College. The story was wacky and weird ranging from series story driven moments of characters to just out right crazy paintball episodes and actual specific bottle episode (referencing to this throughout.)

Despite the showing having its ups and downs (its show runner Dan Harmon, now working on Rick & Morty, who was fired after 3 seasons to return for its fifth.)

What makes the show is it’s weird out of the norm territories it goes to. It focuses very much on pop culture and you need to have a bit of knowledge (not totally necessary but it helps) around TV and film.

The characters are great from leader Jeff, to weird broship Troy and Abed, the latter often being the one to form the episode into a film he’s once seen.

Some of the best episodes have to be:

‘Contemporary American Poultry’  (It’s literally a try on Goodfellas.)

‘Modern Warfare’ (It’s an entire paintball episode.)

‘Cooperative Calligraphy’ (Every show has a bottle episode to bring down costs, this is that episode, which is referenced throughout.)

‘Advanced Dungeons & Dragons’ (The title says it all, amazing!)

‘A Fistful of Paintballs’ and ‘For a Few Paintballs More’ (A DOUBLE paintball episode in season 2!)

‘Remedial Chaos Theory’ (My favourite episode ever of any show, I’ll probably do an entire post on this at some point but it’s basically alternate realities of the same situation.)

‘Regional Holiday Musical’ (It’s an entire musical Christmas episode in the form of Glee.)

‘Pillows and Blankets’ (It’s like a history episode, well it’s put across that way.)

‘Digital Estate Planning’ (The entire episode is a 16-bit game!)

So, those are a few of my favourites and I cut it off after season 3 because, well that’s when things went to the dark reality instead.

In retrospect, if you’ve never seen or heard of Community, I’d probably go watch it. It’s amazing and will have you laughing for ages!


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