A Quick Trip To Amsterdam

So, like I said in an earlier post this week, I went to Amsterdam for a day.

We took a trip on a ferry Sunday, arriving in Amsterdam on Monday and spending the day wandering about the beautiful Netherlands city.

I’ve not been on a ferry since I was a kid, but it was fun and something different, yeah sure we were on the ferry for a while and didn’t spend loads of time in the city, but for me, I just love wandering around, camera in hand.

I think it’s the best thing to do in the world.

Also, the night sky from the ferry was amazing and the glow from the moon lit the ocean, beautiful.


The weather was amazing, sunshine and heat and the entire city had a warm orange glow about it. I haven’t managed to travel abroad for a while, but it was great to get out into a city I’ve never been before.

We headed round for a canal ride, seeing the whole city and yeah there was a headphone jack to listen to the history of the city, but come on, I’m too busy taking pictures of everything around. It wasn’t a possibility.


Everyone was friendly, but we were really strapped for time. The timings for the ferry where way off for when we were supposed to arrive (we got there for 11 in the actual city) then had to be back for 5, yikes. Cutting it close.

It made things less enjoyable, just because you have that time restraint in the back of your mind. Not good. I’ve gotta get back in time.


I did nearly get run down by about 5 bikes, but had been pre-warned the whole bicycles around the city already, I just don’t learn any lessons.

We had a slight nightmare on the 1-hour cruise round the city where a teen got knocked out because the cruise crashed, throwing her into the wall. Don’t worry, she was eventually alright, but we were told don’t stand up, don’t move around and come on if you’re going to stand up at least hold on to something.


A few hours in the city wasn’t enough, but it was a great taster for going again I think.

I love traveling, whether it be abroad or somewhere local in the UK, it’s always a nice experience. Amsterdam is definitley somewhere I’ll be going again, but not right now. My next venture abroad is Rome in November, but before that I’ve got plenty of traveling round the UK of course.



13 thoughts on “A Quick Trip To Amsterdam

  1. I’ve slways wanted to go to the tulip festival and Anne Franks house. I never realised you could go on a ferry day trip from the UK! I used to go on day trips using Ryanair getting the first flight out and the last back and that was a very cheap way to have a lot of fun!

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    1. I’d probably say flight is much better. It just doesn’t feel worth it spending so long on a ferry there and back for a few hours in the city

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  2. This looks like a fun (although speedy) trip! I guess it’s a good example of half the fun being the journey, rather than just the destination! 😉

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    1. Wish it lasted longer, it was a shame how little time I got there but there’s always next time!

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  3. I have been to Amsterdam on a similiar short day too! It is a beautiful city. I hope to go someday for a longer time! Rome is AMAZING. Would love to see your photos from there!( Did I say I loved the pictures here? I adored them!)

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    1. Thanks for giving this a read and I’m glad you liked the photos!


  4. Lovely shots you took there

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  5. I was in Amsterdam for roughly a day a couple of years ago. The bikes are crazy…My friend nearly got run over by a bike too. I want to go back one day and spend more time there. Loved your photos.

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    1. Hats what I’m planning on doing, definitely need more time there!

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      1. Oh thats for sure…

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